HMG started as friends helping friends. That’s why we are the way we are.

It all started with two childhood friends. Both fell in love with gaming in WoW’s hayday. One started posting videos on YouTube, the other just kept gaming for the fun of it.

10 years later Charlie (MoistCr1tikal) had millions of subscribers and spent his time doing what he loved: creating content. What he didn’t love – business, contracts, etc – was draining and boring. Lucky for him, his childhood friend Matt was not only a gamer but a business nerd. What Charlie hated most is what Matt loved.

Charlie asked Matt to help him out with the boring stuff. Within weeks Matt learned two things: Charlie was being taken advantage of by his network and the contracts he was signing were far from fair.

That’s when Matt and Charlie started HMG with one simple goal: help creators with all the boring stuff they hate while always putting their interests before anyone else.

we're proud of how we've grown

From our humble beginnings we now have a roster of top creators. We’re not signing these creators by harassing them with empty promises. Instead, we’re relying on our creators to spread the word. If we’re making them happy, they’ll tell their friends.

2 creators
5 million subscribers
10 million monthly viewers
6 creators
17 million subscribers
27 million monthly viewers
52 creators
93 million subscribers
196 million monthly viewers

that's our story, here's what we believe:

creators always come first

We believe in the power of creativity and do everything we can to make sure our creators aren’t tied down by anything that will take that away from them.

brands have to be successful too

Long-term relationships with great brands is what all creators want. In turn, brands want to run successful campaigns. That means for everyone to be happy, we match brands with creators that have relevant and engaged audiences – not just any creator to fill an ad slot.

work with us

Finding a great fitting creator to authentically represent your brand shouldn’t be hard.