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you know how it is

Most networks treat you like nothing more than another ad slot to fill. It sucks, and we hate it. That’s why we do things differently. We put your interests before ours.

don't settle

Forget about mobile apps, sketchy supplement brands, and potential MLM scams. We go out of our way to find brands that you actually want to work with.

you are our priority

Unlike companies that work with thousands of creators, we prefer to have a more personal and less transactional relationship with our creators.

free up more time

We take care of the backend work so you can focus all of your attention on what matters most.

brand deals

We go above and beyond to source projects that you are proud to work on, not just the first that came around.


Ever want to sell socks with your face on them? What about a crewneck with your design on it? From the initial graphic design to shipping out orders, we can help.

access to expert advisors

Get access to expert advisors for anything you need help with from legal counsel to accounting.

exclusive events

Take part in events that we put on specifically for our creators to have fun, make content, and meet other creators.

brand extension

You’ve done the hard part and made content. Now let us help you monetize it on other platforms.

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"Switching to HMG has been a great decision. They negotiate improved partnership deals, review all contracts, and personally assist us with whatever we need, no matter the issue or deadline."

The Ireland Boys

3.9 million subscribers

"Working with HMG has been such a game changer for my ability to create content. I am able to fully put my trust in them to get the business side of my work done for me - and I can't say how much of a relief it's been to have someone who understands my content advocating for me and negotiating deals with brands I love."


2.6 million subscribers

"HMG is great. Their work allows me to step back and simply focus on my creative path while they handle the business side. Thanks to them I was able to get a bunch of sponsorships from brands I would have never dared talking to on my own. I can definitely rely on them!"


1.2 million subscribers

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